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The NewSchool Foundation is currently working on several major projects.

Pillars Scholarship

The Pillars Scholarship was established by the NewSchool Foundation to provide financial support for NewSchool students whose academic achievement and commitment to one or more of the School’s Pillars advance his or her education and the institution’s mission through specific summer activities. Since 2019, The NewSchool Foundation has partnered with the San Diego Architectural Foundation (SDAF) to fund additional scholarships.

Camden Wade Scholarship

The Camden Wade Scholarship was established by Safdie Rabines Architects in memory of Camden Wade, NewSchool of Architecture and Design class of 2014. The scholarship provides financial support for students who follow Camden’s path towards an architectural degree by transferring to NewSchool from any California community college. Recipients receive $10,000 towards tuition, awarded at $5,000 annually for two (2) years.


Design Capital Diversity Scholarship

The NewSchool Foundation offers the Diversity Scholarship as part of our mission to enhance and augment educational experiences for students at NewSchool of Architecture and Design. The scholarship provides financial support to students who enrich diversity for the academic community. Recipients receive $5,000 towards tuition, awarded in the Fall Quarter of two subsequent academic years.


The NewSchool Foundation published Cartouche, the historical student publication at NewSchool. We worked with the Richard P. Welsh Library at NewSchool to digitize past issues. 


Harold Hay
Memorial Fund

The NewSchool Architectural Foundation’s Harold Hay Fund seeks to honor the vision and dedication of Harold Hay by sponsoring action-oriented research, practical lectures, and the construction of demonstration projects that advance the knowledge, understanding, and application of passive solar technologies in the built environment.

Funding Requests

The NewSchool Foundation aims to enhance and augment the educational experiences of students at NewSchool of Architecture and Design. If you are a currently enrolled student and have an extracurricular educational activity you are interested in pursuing (e.g. competitions, courses, research) consider submitting a funding request. Funding requests are considered at a minimum one academic quarter before desired funding. Contact us for additional information. 

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