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Design Capital Diversity Scholarship


Applications for Fall 2023 are now closed!
 See timeline below. 

The NewSchool Foundation offers the Diversity Scholarship as part of our mission to enhance and augment educational experiences for students at NewSchool of Architecture and Design. The scholarship provides financial support to students who enrich diversity for the academic community. Recipients receive $5,000 towards tuition, awarded in the Fall Quarter of two subsequent academic years.

The NewSchool Foundation celebrates diversity and recognizes that every individual brings their own unique experience to enrich NewSchool’s community. Diversity provides an understanding of and appreciation for humanity, cultures, and the design of our environments. When students relate to qualities and conditions different from their own, NewSchool gains new and valuable perspectives that enhance and augment educational experiences.

General Scholarship Timeline

  • Spring Quarter (May): Scholarship announced / applications opened

  • End of Summer Quarter (early September): Deadline to submit

  • Summer Break (late September): Award Notification

  • Fall Quarter Week 2 (early October) – award(s) made for upcoming academic year

Who is Eligible 


The scholarship is available to all newly enrolled, full-time degree-seeking students at NewSchool admitted in the Fall Quarter. 


All Applicants: 

  • Complete the Application Form

  • Submit a short video (maximum 3 minutes) OR essay (maximum 2 pages) addressing the following

    • Demonstrate how you will contribute to diversity. Diversity is defined as belonging to a historically underrepresented group in higher education. Examples might include
      Race or ethnicity
      Social, economic, or geographic background
      Gender and/ or sexual orientation
      Religious, political, or ideological belief
      Physical ability
      Marital or parental status

    • Share your education and career goals and aspirations

    • Answer the question: What does diversity bring to the design professions?

Selection process


The NewSchool Foundation Scholarship Committee will review and recommend scholarship awards based on available funds and the quality of applications. Applicants will be informed of Committee decisions. 

The NewSchool Foundation (NSF) reserves the right to ownership of all materials submitted and presented for the purpose of print and web publication.

Submission Deadline: Submit to Kaylee Drexel:


Comments or questions? Please contact Kaylee Drexel –

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