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Tomas Perez Awarded Design Capital Diversity Scholarship 2022

Congratulations to architecture student Tomas Perez! Tomas was awarded the NewSchool Foundation Design Capital Diversity Scholarship 2022. As a third-generation Chicano, Tomas shares, "My passion for architecture is interconnected with my Chicanidad ... I would admire the

design of one of my favorite buildings, the South Chula Vista Branch Library, designed by architect Ricardo Legorreta ... Legorreta and Barragan defined what typical and iconic Mexican design and architecture are today."

"My passion for design and architecture

is so interconnected with the diverse story of the San Diego/Tijuana border region and my transfronterizo experience that not only does it inform my design, but in fact, I want my design to inform the San Diego/Tijuana border region."

"Thank you NewSchool Foundation, I am honored to be selected as the recipient of the Diversity Scholarship. This scholarship is actually the first scholarship I’ve ever received! In the words of one of my mentors, Chicano Park Steering Committee member and United Farm Workers Union member, Jesse Constancio, “We need more Chicano professionals, not professional Chicanos”.


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