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Pillars presentations and essays 2020

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Check out the inspiring presentations and reflection essays from the talented 2020 Pillars Scholarship recipients. They are linked below and you can watch the presentations HERE.

Nazanin Ziasabounchi. Graduate Student – Architecture- Second Year.

Communication Technologies in San Diego's Public Spaces

Nazanin Pillars Presentation
Download • 6.31MB
Nazanin Reflection Essay
Download • 7KB

Martín Polanco. Graduate Student – Architecture – 3rd Year.

Pavilions as Space and Interaction Generators in California

Martin Pillars Presentation
Download • 7.69MB
Martin Reflection Essay
Download • 59KB

Samantha Saltzman. Graduate Architecture, IPAL Practicum Year.

Re-strategizing the urban transit networks of San Diego County, Imperial County, Tijuana, Tecate, playas de Rosarito, & Mexicali

Samantha Pillars Presentation
Download • 19.15MB
Samantha Reflection Essay
Download • 15KB

Antoinette Van Sluytman. Media Graphic Design Major – Third Year.

Book Cover Design and Typography

Antoinette Pillars Presentation
Download • 27.88MB
Antoinette Reflection Essay
Download • 80KB

Aubree Rose Van Sluytman. Media Graphic Design Major – Third Year.

Animation and Filmmaking Techniques

Aubree Rose Pillars Presentation
Download • 11.75MB
Aubree Rose Reflection Essay
Download • 59KB


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