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NewSchool Foundation Archtoberfest Awards

At the NewSchool Foundation Archtoberfest Fundraiser, we had the pleasure of presenting some very special awards.

Alumni of The Year: Umber Kazmi

Umber completed her Master of Architecture at NewSchool in 2005. She went on to Director of A.R.E Education at Funkaar Institute, before founding her own architecture school in the Sacramento area: Adroit School of Architecture focused on licensure upon graduation. In addition to her academic work, Umber is an accomplished artist.

Faculty of the Year: Gil Cooke

Professor Gil Cooke has served NewSchool as both President and Dean. Gil was awarded Faculty of the Year for his work with the Yantolo Foundation. Find out more here.

Built Environment Advocacy Award: Ron Roberts

San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts was given a special award in recognition of his tireless advocacy on behalf of our built environment. In particular, the Foundation recognized Roberts for his central role leading the creation of San Diego’s Waterfront Park.


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