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Hay Memorial Fund: Call for Proposals

Applications for the Hay Fund are now closed.

The NewSchool Architectural Foundation’s Harold Hay Fund seeks to honor the vision and dedication of Harold Hay by sponsoring action-oriented research, practical lectures, and the construction of demonstration projects that advance the knowledge, understanding, and application of passive solar technologies in the built environment.

1. Use/Allocation of funds:​

- The total amount established by the Board of Directors for this year’s allocation is $25,000.

- There is no limit on the number of projects that may be awarded, but the total amount awarded during this round will not exceed $25,000.

- Awards may be made for the purposes of lecturer fees, honoraria, student stipends, or fabrication costs for prototypes, demonstrations, or installed operating systems.

2. Threshold Criteria

- Each proposal requires a NewSchool Faculty or staff sponsor.

- Per the terms of the Hay Fund bequest, projects should be student-focused, promote a fossil fuel-free future, and/or should address issues of social and environmental responsibility. Projects may also educate the public on historical and new energy-efficient design, and support students doing extraordinary research in these subject areas during their final year of research.

3. Qualitative Criteria:

- Priority will be given to projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

- Projects that enhance cross-disciplinary understanding of the built environment.

- Projects that can result in physical construction or prototypes

- Projects that have a significant impact on the studio experience of the involved students.

- Projects that make a contribution to the academic culture of the NewSchool.

- Projects that embrace the tenets of social, environmental, and professional responsibility.

- Projects that have practical applications.

- Projects that have matching funds.

4. Performance Criteria:

- The completed project(s) must include a presentation of the findings/outcome, available free to the public.

- The project should be completed within the 2016 calendar year, though exceptions may be made, at the discretion of the Board, for projects that require a different timeline.

5. Evaluation

- Project submittal will be evaluated by a Committee of the NewSchool Foundation.

- The Foundation reserves the right to further develop and refine select project proposals in collaboration with the proposers.

- Award decisions will be made in January of 2016 and funds are anticipated to be available for disbursement immediately thereafter.

- The Foundation reserves the right to make no awards.

6. Submittal:

- All proposals should include a concise statement of the problem or issue that is to be explored, and how this relates to the proposal criteria.

- The means by which this is to be done.

- The names of any lecturers or technical professionals who would be remunerated or provided honoraria by the project.

- A conceptual budget for allocation of the Foundation funds and other resources that are a part of the project.

- The entire proposal should be no more than (4) pages, 11-point Arial with 1” margins.

- Proposals must be submitted to the Foundation Secretary, Lucy Campbell via email at by 5pm Friday, December 4, 2015.

Questions may be submitted in writing to Lucy Campbell at the email address above; she will distribute them to the review committee for their response.


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