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Congratulations to our 2022 pillars scholars!

In 2022 the NewSchool Foundation Scholarship Committee and the San Diego Architectural Foundation partnered to award four scholarships of $2,000 each to NewSchool students - a record for the Pillars Scholarship!

Emir Taheri Rashti is a 4th year Bachelor of Architecture student who will travel to Japan over the summer to study metabolism and modular architecture

Andrea Montejano is a 4th year Bachelor of Architecture student who will enroll in a summer ceramics course and take a research pilgrimage to ceramic museums around California, with the goal of designing her own ceramic furniture.

Anita Yufe is a final year Master of Architecture student who will prototype a bio-pavilion with the City of San Diego

Shawn Sistrunk is a 3rd year Bachelor of Product Design student who will create an interactive public visual installation

Each student will present on their experiences next Winter Quarter (January / February 2023) and participate in SDAF's Pecha Kucha Program.


The Pillars Scholarship provides funding to NewSchool students who want to expand their academic and professional experience through independent research projects, educational opportunities, domestic and international workshops, travel, environmental advocacy, and local service initiatives. The Pillars which support NewSchool’s educational goals include:

Professional Practice

Human Welfare

Environmental Empathy

Community + Industry Engagement

Data + Technology



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